Truly, Madly, Deeply - Chapter Twenty Four (Final)

The boys discussed the plan and smiled. It was like a bank heist or something of the like, only a lot more nerve wracking and fun at the same time. Kellin was nervous to come out like that; to have everything out on the table. He wasn’t planning on letting people in on the secret until after graduation, but if it had to happen like this, he wanted it on his terms - not Steph’s or Tim’s and especially not Oli’s. When he looked at Vic though, he realized that it was all worth it for him. Because somehow, through all the crap that had gone on in Kellin’s life between girls, his parents, school, popularity - everything, Vic had managed to break down all of those walls and get to the person on the inside that was sensitive and stupid and cuddly and loving and just… himself. And Kellin could be that person around no body but him.

"What are you like, doing?" Kellin asked as he stared at Vic who had fallen half off of his bed with Kellin’s phone in his hands. He was upside down with his legs sprawled on the mattress, caught up in one of the apps. When Kellin spoke, however, he raised his head and crawled in to a normal sitting position with wide eyes.

"You know, I was thinking about when we first met. Like, for real met when we did that lab. So it’s funny you should ask me that," Vic said with a smile growing on his face.

Kellin raised an eyebrow at him, “Why’s that funny?”

"Cause. That’s actually the first thing you ever said to me."

They giggled a little, because it was true. That was the first thing Kellin had said to him - and he still didn’t know what Vic had been doing because Chemistry wasn’t exactly his strong point. “I had no idea how much you were gonna mean to me back then,” Kellin mused. “I had zero interest in you. Zilch. Alright that’s a lie I always thought you were cute, but I wasn’t gonna do anything about it ‘til you called me out on being gay, then it all changed.”

"Are you serious? So if I never made that stupid snarky comment…"

"Then I never would have tried to kiss you. And honestly I never thought anything would come from it. But in that like, moment, when Sheehan came in, I like freaked out cause I finally let myself do something I’d wanted to do for a while. I wasn’t confident anymore and I kinda hated you for it." He looked away, thinking about the past and his life before Vic was a major part of it. It wasn’t much of a surprise that he didn’t miss it. "You were just too cute to not want to kiss though! And then you kissed back and I felt like an idiot school girl!" he grabbed Vic’s shoulders with his hands, shaking him a little to make him laugh. Then he pulled him close and pressed their lips together.

"You were like, fucking with my emotions that whole time, Kellin. I hated you SO much. Then at that stupid dance I realized there was a little more to you than you let on and just… I don’t know. Then all this happened and here we are in my room and I love you."

Kellin leaned over and Kissed Vic again, this time holding his lips there for a little longer. “I love you too,” he whispered when he pulled away, looking in to Vic’s eyes. “I love you lots and lots and lots.” He kissed him again, longer and deeper. They broke apart when they heard the slamming of a car door and knew that Mike was probably home.

"Maybe we should uh, practice for tomorrow, if you catch my drift," Vic suggested in the small time they had left alone. Kellin stared at him with wide eyes and felt a little bit of fear, because he knew what Vic meant and honestly that kind of scared him.

"That’s up to you, Vic. It’s your family. You think Jaime and Tony are with them too?" he asked.

Vic nodded, sure that they were, and stood up. He’d already made up his mind, and there was no way his friends and family wouldn’t accept him, and Mike already knew anyways. There was no point in trying to hide it to Jaime and Tony because they would want a damn good explanation as to why Kellin Quinn was in Vic’s house, much less his room after such an ordeal. The Mexican led the way out in to the hall just as Everyone else filed in to the kitchen, Tony and Jaime both supporting Mike by walking him to the living room with his arms latched around their shoulders. “How ya feeling Mikey?” Vic asked, leaning against the wall. Kellin stood awkwardly behind with with his arms crossed.

"Like crap. Hi Kellin," answered Mike - intentionally bringing attention to his brother’s boyfriend. Jaime and Tony both whipped around and stared at the near-stranger standing behind their best friend with questioning looks in their eyes.

Vic chuckled a little at their apparent dismay while he searched for words to explain. His parents both looked at each other curiously; it wasn’t like they hadn’t suspected anything, but now they were wondering if maybe their thoughts concerning their son’s sexuality would be confirmed. Kellin just stepped next to Vic, still not saying anything and staring at the ground, looking nervous and uncomfortable. “No offense but um… what are you doing here?” Jaime asked Finally, looking at Kellin.

"Why shouldn’t he be here?" Vic answered for him. He took a deep breath and awkwardly grabbed Kellin’s hand, lacing their fingers together. Tony’s eyes flew open as he realized what Vic was trying to say; Jaime however still didn’t quite get the message until he saw the grin growing on Mrs. Fuentes’ face.

"Wait, what?" he said quickly, even though his facial expression showed that the truth was dawning on him. Mike clapped his hands and laughed and that was pretty much all everyone needed to start smiling.

"I knew there was something between you two," said Vic’s mom, putting a hand on either boy’s shoulder. "You’re always welcome here, Kellin."

Kellin nodded at her thankfully, seeming to get over the initial fear of coming out. Vic shrugged and smiled at his friends who stared at him. They accepted him, even if they still didn’t believe it. “So you’re telling me that not only are you gay, but you snagged Kellin Quinn?” asked Jaime in disbelief, crossing his arms.

"He’s not as much of a prick as he’s made out to be." Vic snaked his arm around Kellin’s shoulder, pulling him a little closer. A little bit of color was flaring up in both of their faces. Jaime just shook his head with a flabbergasted smile and plopped down next to Mike, who grinned brilliantly at his brother.

"MY SON IS OKAY, AND MY OTHER SON IS GAY! Let’s have tacos!" shouted Mr. Fuentes loudly. "To welcome you to our little familia, Kellin! Jaime and Tony are of course welcome so don’t even think about leaving!"

Everyone laughed at the outburst, including Mrs. Fuentes although she rolled her eyes and immediately turned around to start cooking. “Welcome to ‘the familia’ Kellin,” Vic said, smiling at Kellin. He leaned forward slightly to peck him on the lips which earned them a resounding and loud ‘awwww!’ from everyone around. Because honestly, there wasn’t any denying that they made a cute couple.

School the next day was tense. Mike decided not to go; although Vic assumed it was because he was milking the whole thing for all it was worth. Their little taco fiesta had been interrupted by the police and of course, Vic and Kellin stepped forward along with Mike and their stories all added up with what the other boy who had been attacked had said. The presence of the police made everyone feel a little uneasy - but the school practically went inside when the three kids who’d been pulled out of class were named: Steph, Oli, and Tim, all gone to the shock of everyone in the school, save for Kellin and Vic who had been expecting it from the start.

When the police were taking them out to the cruisers in hand cuffs, Kellin was walking down that hall way skipping class as usual to go and meet up with Vic. They weren’t going to carry out their plan just yet. They were going to wait until Chemistry to do that. Kellin stopped and stared as one officer handled each kid. Tim seemed to be putting up the most fight - swearing and thrashing, claiming they had nothing on him. “You can’t fucking touch me, nigga!” he yelled to the colored police officer who rolled his eyes at him. “Let me go, seriously!” He stopped and quieted, however, when he saw Kellin staring at him with a blank expression. “You little faggot, ratting on us, you realize I’m gonna tell Cam, and he’s gonna tell everyone. Your little secret is fucking done, Kels,” he spat.

"So fucking be it," Kellin retorted. "And maybe you should think before you talk, dickwad, I’m not the one in hand cuffs." Ironic, Kellin thought as he remembered the pair of handcuffs Vic had bought and still owned. Tim shook his head and just then the Police officer shushed him and carried him out the door, followed by Steph - who was sobbing loudly, and then Oli, who had a few tears streaming down his face as he stared at the floor. As he passed Kellin he shook his head and offered a mouthed apology, but Kellin just stared at him and turned away. He was having none of that, even if Vic had managed to forgive him that didn’t mean Kellin could.

The boy didn’t watch anymore, especially since the principal was coming out of his office. He figured they were probably going to be expelled, and so they deserved. He shook his head and continued walking to where he knew Vic was waiting by now; if anything, feeling more confident about his plan for later as the weight of his bracelet bumped against his wrist with each step he took.

When Chemistry finally did roll around, Vic and Kellin were feeling just as nervous as before. As had been the usual lately, Sheehan gave them work to do and everyone moved around to work in partners. Vic usually worked with Alex and Jack, but not today. And Kellin just sat at a table and waited for people to flock around him, ignoring the actual work and passing the time in a more entertaining way instead, typically ignoring Vic to avoid any suspicion. Not today though. This time he got up and walked around everyone who was hustling towards him, and sat in the empty seat next to Vic, much to everyone elses’ confusion. “Kels?” said Gabe, trying to call him back over to where their friends were sitting.

"Can I help you?" Kellin replied. Vic smirked down at his paper. It was funny seeing his class mates squirm like this. He’d always been entertained by the girls who lost their shit over Kellin when he was, in fact, nearly too gay to function and Vic was the lucky bastard who got to call him his.

"Um, why are you over there?" said Gabe. Justin looked over and frowned as well, waiting for an explanation.

Kellin took a deep breath and stared back at his friends. “Why shouldn’t I be over here?” he said. They raised their eyebrows at him and turned away, taking different seats. “Damn Vic, you’re like the plague, no ones gonna wanna talk to me now,” Kellin winked. Vic chuckled and slapped his shoulder, making heads turn once more. Since when were Vic and Kellin actually friends? That seemed to be the question ringing through everyone’s minds. They figured no one would really bother asking them anything though, although they actually figured wrong, because in less than a minute someone was pulling a chair up to the opposite side of the table to sit across from them. Her name was Nicolle - she’d been to Kellin’s house before and as far as he knew, she was a nice girl. Others followed her lead - including Jesse and Jack, as if it were no big deal.

"Why are we over here?" asked Jack as he tried to fix his pen. "Not that I care much. Hi Vic, by the way."

"What’s wrong with being over here?" Kellin asked.

Nicolle smiled a little and started in on the work as she spoke. “It’s just weird cause - well, no offense Vic, but uh, you’re kind of um… not as popular as Kellin and suddenly you two are buddy buddy? Little weird, if you ask me.”

"No offense taken," Vic murmured, not looking up at her. Kellin was staring at him as she spoke though, wanting to touch him although he wasn’t sure if he had the courage to do that yet

"Got something against gays?" Kellin asked bluntly with a smirk on his face. Nicolle choked a little and laughed, and Jesse and Jack both stared with wide eyes; it was clear that it went right over their heads and they all took it as a joke. But the funniest thing was, it actually wasn’t. That’s why Vic started giggling to himself. He felt Kellin’s hand on his thigh, squeezing to show that they could do this together.

That may have actually been the first day in a long time that Kellin actually started to get his work done in that class without copying. They all got their work done, with jokes and the slightest bit of flirting between Vic and Kellin. People around them were talking about the arrests made that morning but the boys decided it would probably be a good idea to just keep their mouths shut about it. “I didn’t know Tim and Steph were so racist,” Nicolle said after she overheard a conversation behind her. “And Oli being involved is just fucking weird. Weren’t you really good friends with him, Vic?” she asked.

Vic nodded somberly. “I was,” he admitted. “Not so much anymore.”

Nicolle frowned sympathetically at him. “Hows your brother doing?”

"Better. He’s home now. The doctors said he’s gonna be fine and all," Vic answered. "I’m pretty sure this girl, Alexe is at home with him. She like skipped school to hang out with him so I think he’s happy."

"That’s pretty fucked up what happened to him, bro. If Tim were still here we’d kick the shit out of him," said Jack, not bothering to look up from his work. Vic smiled a little; it was nice knowing that not everyone was as shitty a person as he thought they’d be. "I can’t believe it though. Cam is devastated."

"So I’ve seen," said Jesse, looking over to where Cam sat, alone without his best friend by his side. "He said he had no idea Tim was involved in any of this crap."

Kellin eyed him warily. He’d been suspicious of Cam, but now he supposed he was wrong to be. He wasn’t exactly about to go and apologize for wrongly mentally accusing him though. “It’s over now though. Who cares?”

"I do, as a matter of fact," Vic snapped, smiling at Kellin at daring him with his eyes like he did when they were alone. He knew it made Kellin want to kiss him, but he didn’t think he’d go that far. Not yet. Kellin smiled back at him and pinched his arm, giggling at Vic’s reaction.

"You guys are like a couple all of a sudden," said Nicolle, shaking her head. The boys both shrugged, struggling to keep themselves from blushing. They weren’t completely sure if it worked though. The others looked at each other, asking themselves what the hell could possibly be going on between the two all of a sudden. They were about to get their answer when the bell rang and everyone around them started to spring out of their seats and get their things together to go home. Vic and Kellin looked at each other, each of them taking a deep breath. This was the part they were nervous about, and they had to be quick so that enough people could see them before they left.

They shoved their things in to their school bags and waved goodbye to their other classmates. “Are you guys going on a date or something?” Gabe sneered at them as they walked by side by side.

Both boys looked back at him, shrugged and frowned in unison. “Maybe we are? We should go out to eat tonight,” Kellin suggested, looking at Vic with a grin plastered across his face. Gabe stared at them, shocked. His whole face was going pale.

"Wait, what? Since when are you a couple of faggots?" he said.

"Dunno," Vic said, turning away. Everyone had stopped to stare at the scene in front of them and that’s when Kellin bit his lip and grabbed Vic’s hand in the most show-offy way possible, lacing their fingers together for all to see. Someone gasped somewhere, but they didn’t care to see who. They continued walking out the door in to the hall way where more people started to take notice of the hand holding. People looked over their shoulders, stood on tip-toe and craned their necks to get a look to make sure they were seeing what they thought they were saying. Some people called out to them, others just stared in shock as Kellin Quinn the lady slayer held hands with another boy who happened to be a nobody.

When they got outside, people still reacted the same, but they just ignored them with growing smiles on their faces. It may have been scary, but it was fun and honestly it felt good to have the truth out at last. They strolled straight up to Kellin’s SUV hand in hand and stood by the hood, as people still stared. One girl was watching with her mouth hanging open - Vic recognized her to be one of Kellin’s ex girlfriends. “Ready?” Kellin mouthed to Vic, who nodded eagerly.

And to the shock of literally everyone standing around them, they inched closer and kissed, holding their lips there for a moment so that no one missed it, so that there would be no chance of anyone doubting what had just happened. They broke apart and walked to either side of the car, getting in and slamming the door. Just because he could, Kellin rolled down his window and waited for the shouts. “KELS! WHAT THE FUCK!” screamed Justin from his Truck a few cars down.

"Since when are they gay?" they heard a girl say nearby in a shrill voice.

Kellin shook his head. He was laughing a lot harder than he thought he would and Vic was too. “This is so fucking ridiculous,” he mumbled. Vic nodded and squeezed his hand. He knew it was hard for him to do all this. People still said things, surprisingly not a single insult was thrown - although, Vic figured it was because people were simply too shocked and taken aback to think of any.

"You ready to drive?" Vic asked, gently rubbing Kellin’s leg with his thumb.

His boyfriend nodded and started the engine, but didn’t throw it in to drive just yet. He unbuckled his seat belt and stuck his head out the window, forcing as much of his body out as possible without falling completely out of the car. “EY! IS IT REALLY THAT BIG OF A DEAL? AND HONESTLY, IS IT THAT MUCH OF A SURPRISE? YOU SHOULD SEE HOW MUCH TIME I SPEND ON MY HAIR IN THE MORNING!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, sure that everyone around had heard. He plopped back in with a grin on his face and started to drive away, everyone else staring as he went by. “Well, that was liberating,” he said as they went down the road. Vic just giggled and laughed at him, not even sure if there were words to describe what had just happened.

"I love you, Kellin," he said happily.

"I love you too," Kellin replied, not taking his eyes off the road. "Now let’s go back to my house for some very necessary celebration sex."

Vic laughed out loud and looked out the window. “Hey, I’m not complaining. I should make you take me out to dinner first, though,” he said.

Kellin considered his words for a minute, but then scrunched up his face, deciding he couldn’t wait and started driving even faster. “Nah. I just wanna spend the time with you. I showed you off for like, fifteen minutes back there. Now I want you all to myself, kapeesh?”

"Kapeesh," Vic said happily. Kellin sped towards his house, which was empty when they got there - just like they were used to. "Wait," he said as Vic was about to get out of the car. "We have to be ninjas so that we don’t get captured on the way to my house…"

"Like that time when we went from the school to your car?" Vic giggled.

"Exactly," Kellin nodded, slowly stepping out of his car and rolling to the ground. Vic shook his head and did the same; there was no arguing out of this one. They sprinted with their heads down behind the small fence that led up the walk way to Kellin’s front door and crawled in the least graceful way possible, laughing the whole time as they went. Kellin unlocked the door as fast as he could and they ducked inside - managing to trip and fall on the ground with a loud bang upon entering. The door closed behind them as they laughed on the hardwood floor together.

When they were catching their breath, Kellin put his arm out and pulled Vic closer to him, sliding him across the floor so that they could lay next to each other. He looked in to his eyes before he softly pressed their lips together in just a simple kiss. “It’s literally crazy how I feel about you,” Vic whispered before kissing him again.

"Same," Kellin agreed. "I’m just… totally, completely, truly, madly, deeply in love with you," he murmured. Vic smiled big, with his eyes crinkling and pulled Kellin in to another deep kiss.

They laid there on the floor together for maybe half an hour, or maybe it was a full hour; just looking at each other and kissing before Kellin finally got bored and led the way upstairs. You can imagine what happened up there.

And that’s basically it - that’s how Kellin and Vic fell head over heels for each other, all because of a couple snarky comments, and a Chemistry lab that neither wanted to be paired up together for in the first place. When they looked back on it in later years, they’d smile and realize just how thankful they were that they found each other like that - because honestly, through all the hardship, heart breaks and difficult times, they wouldn’t change a single thing about their relationship.

[Well holy fucking shit. I can’t believe that that was the last chapter. Keep a look out for the sequel, because I know there will be one. Thank you so much for sticking with TMD the whole way through, I love you for it… and yeah, I guess thats about it :)]

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