The Mile High Club

Kellic One Shot

Warnings: Smut

Is it bad that this idea just kind of popped in to my head while I was watching family guy? well it did so enjoy alright)

It was a long, long flight across the country. The others were asleep by now, but not Vic. He was wide awake. Next to him, Kellin had nodded off maybe half an hour ago. His head rested lightly on Vic’s shoulder, some of his hair tickling the skin on his neck. The singer had to resist the urge to use his free arm to run his fingers through Kellin’s soft-looking locks; he didn’t want to risk waking him up - or anyone else seeing. In one aspect he was lucky at least that Kellin had fallen asleep after everyone else, accept for Tony, but that was okay. For a whole they’d stayed up, talking and staring at each other. Vic wandered if Kellin had been feeling the same way he was - feeling the urges to move his face forward and clash their lips together. Maybe that was just Vic though. He figured that it was.

"Vic? Is everyone else asleep now?" Kellin said quietly, still lying against Vic’s shoulder.

"Yeah," Vic answered, broken from his train of thought. "I thought you were out too though?"

Kellin turned his eyes to Vic’s, still lying against him. “I pretended so that Tony would fall asleep too,” he said playfully. Vic smirked and suppressed a small chuckle at Kellin’s overall adorableness. Finally the younger singer removed his head from Vic’s arm and faced him. “You were watching me sleep, weren’t you?” he said teasingly, scrunching his face a little.

Vic blushed, not wanting to admit to his accusations, even though they were completely true. “No,” he lied.

"You sure?" Kellin said, sliding his hand on Vic’s arm a little. "You usually can’t get enough of my face."

"Lies," said Vic, turning away to hide the fact that his face was starting to turn red.

"Okay," said Kellin sarcastically. "You’re cute when you’re embarassed."

Vic didn’t even have a response to that one. Kellin was being a lot more… obvious than usual. They’d heard in the past that they’d make a cute couple, that they had heart eyes for each other but they always managed to brush the comments off and laugh at them. For Vic there had always been something there. He was never sure if Kellin felt the same way. Sometimes he thought that maybe something was there, but he’d always been too nervous to ask, or do anything about it, and most of the time just assumed that Kellin was going along with it to play up the whole ‘bromance’ thing that they had. Now, though, Vic was confused again. “I’m not,” he said finally. Kellin chuckled next to him and placed a gentle finger on his chin, turning his head to face his. Vic had wide eyes, unsure and curious juxtaposed against Kellin’s confident stare. He bit his lip; that stare was a turn on.

"You’re not?" Kellin whispered, moving his face forward towards Vic’s. Their lips were mere inches apart, and Vic could feel his jeans getting a little tighter. "Maybe you’re at least a little nervous then? There’s obviously something going on in that cute little head of yours, your face is turning all red."

"N-nope," stuttered Vic, shaking his head. Kellin’s finger still touched his chin, slowly tracing his jaw line, sparking up butterflies in Vic’s tummy.

"The male body is so interesting," Kellin murmured. "For example, you can’t help but show me proof that you’re excited." He tilted his head in the direction of Vic’s lap, where an obvious outline of a growing erection was. Vic bit his lip a little tighter - but immediately released it as Kellin turned his face and slowly pushed their lips together, sliding his tongue in to Vic’s mouth.

They kissed for a few minutes before breaking apart to stare at each other as if to ask, ‘did that just happen?’ And the only answer was in the form of another kiss. This must have been Kellin’s plan, Vic thought to himself. Not that he was complaining, as Kellin slid his tongue across Vic’s bottom lip. He felt a hand resting on his knee slide up to his thigh and he fought to suppress a moan from tumbling out of his mouth. “K-kellin,” he warned, breaking the kiss.

"How would you like to join the mile - high club, Vic?" Kellin asked, tugging on Vic’s long hair.

"W-what?!" Vic gasped. Kellin chuckled and got to his feet, grabbing both of Vic’s wrists and pulling him up as well.

"Shh, don’t wake the others," Kellin warned as he led his way to the bathroom in the back of the plane that they were taking. "Don’t want them finding out and ruining the moment, right?" he said.

"Uh, sure?" Vic said, being dragged along. Kellin opened the door to the cramped bathroom and pulled Vic inside, immediately closing it afterwards. Seconds later Vic was up against the wall, Kellin’s lips were against his and their crotches were getting friendly. Kellin rolled his hips in to Vic’s, making the singer moan lowly in to the kiss. Kellin chuckled and trailed little kisses down Vic’s neck, nipping at the skin. Vic was so overwhelmed with feelings and sensations from Kellin’s lips, that all he could do was reach his hands around to pull at Kellin’s hair and squeeze his side a little, pulling him closer in the already cramped conditions.

"You’re so easy to dominate," Kellin whispered teasingly, nibbling on Vic’s ear as he spoke.

"Not really," Vic disagreed, pushing Kellin off and into the other side of the small room. He pressed his body in to his, making the other boy moan as well. He traced his hand from Kellin’s waist to his inner-thigh, teasing him as he palmed his erection. Kellin bit his lip as Vic touched him, clearly wanting more. "What was that about being easy?" Vic smirked. Kellin kissed him once more, tugging on his hair as he bucked his hips in to Vic’s hand.

"touch me," Kellin breathed, pulling Vic closer.

"Pushy," Vic teased, sucking a love bite on to Kellin’s neck as his hands worked to unbutton his jeans. He was tugging them off moments later and Kellin was also working at his, and within minutes they were ripping shirts off and standing in to their boxers. Vic had to admit that with Kellin’s cool chest pressed against him, every touch seemed to be amplified. He rocked their hips together, creating friction and relishing each grunt and moan that Kellin produced. He wanted him to be screaming, screeching his name at the top of his lungs and for a moment he figured he was letting his wants get ahead of him as he shoved his hands in to Kellin’s boxers and grabbed his throbbing member, making Kellin buck his hips up and moan - his hands pulling on Vic’s hair. "Now who’s easy?" he said.

"Shut up," Kellin said, pushing himself in to Vic’s hand once more. Vic smirked and tugged Kellin’s boxers down, pumping his member at a good pace. Kellin writhed underneath, biting his lips as Vic’s hand moved. He slowly reached up and traced his fingers down one side of the ‘V’ leading to his crotch, taking off the other singer’s boxers in the process as they touched each other. "My turn for some fun," Kellin winked.

Vic was in no way prepared for the following events. Kellin knelt down, his face inches away from the tip of his dick. He slowly moved his tongue along Vic’s shaft, stopping at the tip which he took all in his mouth at once, sucking on it softly. Vic felt his knees starting to go weak. He held on to Kellin’s hair, pulling it slightly - but not too much as his head started to bob up and down. “Shit, Kels,” Vic breathed out. It was a miracle that his lips were even able to form coherent words at this point. Long story short, Kellin was good at what he was doing. And here Vic and thought he was straight. What he couldn’t get with his mouth, the slightly younger singer used his hand to wrap around Vic’s length, pumping it vigorously in time with his head bobs. Vic gave a small moan as a warning to tell him that he wasn’t going to last very long if he kept this up, but Kellin pressed on, sucking harder and faster, shaking things up ever so often with one long, swift lick up the side, or to swivel his tongue around Vic’s tip, making the other boy shake and gasp with pleasure.

When he felt his climax draw closer and closer, he literally could not contain the scream that was threatening to come out as he came inside of Kellin’s mouth. Kellin turned his large eyes up to Vic, giving his length a few more flicks of the wrist, and Vic thought he could come right then and there on the spot because of the look on Kellin’s face. A little bit of cum dripped down his chin, but the confidence in his eyes and the devilish smirk were what set him over. Kellin stood up and spit in to the sink and within seconds Vic was behind up, reaching his arm around to grab on to Kellin’s throbbing member.

"Your turn," he whispered in to his ear, kissing his neck and biting it all the way down. Kellin let out small yelps with each nip - it was obvious that biting was a turn on for him. Vic kept that in mind, sucking a purple love bite just under his ear as his hand pumped vigorously. Kellin sank in to Vic, his legs growing week and his thigh twitched with each movement. The older singer used his free arm to support Kellin, still kissing all up and down his neck and loving the vibrations he felt from his throat as he let out yells of pleasure. He came all over the sink in practically no time at all, almost collapsing in to Vic’s arms as he did so. For a moment, the two just stood there, unsure of what to do accept to breathe and wait to come down from the highs they’d just experienced together.

"You don’t think they heard us out there, do you?" Vic asked nervously. Kellin just shrugged, unrolling some of the toilette paper to begin cleaning up the mess they had made.

"If they did, they did, I guess," he answered. Obviously he couldn’t give less of a fuck after that. "I don’t want to keep you a secret. I want to show them that you are mine. Then they can be jealous of the great sex we’re going to have," Kellin smirked.

Vic grinned at him, fixing both of their clothes.

That sounded fine to him. Perfect, even.

(wow I hope you liked it okay let me know)

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